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Do you know that around 86% of marketers say that videos have helped them generate more leads and increase sales?

Commercial Videos
Looking To Generate Leads Via Commercial Videos??
Professional Photoshoots
Professional photos grab the attention of your customers and give a good first impression.
Hospitality Ad film
The potential client to create a hotel reservation would make their decision mainly based on the photography representing the business.
Tv commercials
Television is a big platform for advertising your brand or business, helping you gain the trust of your target market.
Brand stories
A brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand.
Documentary film
A documentary film or documentary is a non-fictional motion-picture intended to ``document reality.
Music Videos
In this digital era, it is difficult to get online music video production services that can ensure that the music video is made considering all your requirements
Fashion film
Fashion photography is a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items, sometimes haute couture.
Product photography
Good product photos support sales and build the image of the entire brand as professional, innovative.

Frequently Asking Questions

What services does Outgray provide?
Outgray is a media production startup initiated by professionals specialized in Photography, Cinematography, Film making, Animation & VFX. We are committed to providing quality services relating to Photography, Videography, Model management, film-making, Real estate shoots, corporate shoots, ad-making, product shoots, and place shoots.
How long does it take for project completion?
Our expert professionals can deliver the project with rocket pace speed! Do you need the project as soon as possible? Yes, that is possible. The project's length depends on the project's scope and complexity. For us, your satisfaction matters more than anything. At Outgray, you decide the project's timeline, and we will ensure the highest possible quality. Generally, we aim to complete projects within 6 to 8 weeks.
Which cameras do you use for your services?
The camera is just a device. Professionals with years of high-quality artwork behind them bring your pictures to life. That is why our films commercials, music videos, and photos are of the highest quality.

At Outgray, we use the highest quality cameras. Our cameras include Canon 5D Mark IV, Nikon D850, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, and Sony A7R III.

What type of ambiance do you shoot in? Does it depend on the budget?
The project's ambiance depends on the sum of 2 things: mood board and discussion with the client. The budget goes a bit higher when the outdoor ambiance is required due to traveling, stay, food, and other amenities.
At Outgray, we create an ambiance that is both cinematic and intimate, bringing the moment's emotion to the forefront. Whether it's a corporate film, a music video, or a short film, our goal is to craft a beautiful story that will be remembered.
We tailor the ambiance to fit what the client desires. Whether a simple one-camera setup or a total production, we strive to ensure that we capture the best visuals to tell the story.
How can your agency help you build a brand?
At Outgray, we don't provide films and portraits; we build brand legacies for the Future! We are focused on building a solid and successful brand through strategic storytelling and creative visual content to create lasting impressions in the minds of your target audience.

Our whole purpose is to position you as a brand leader in the industry. Our professionals know the ingredients of making a brand; they've been doing the same for years.

When Passion Meets Dedication, Exemplary Work Happens

It's time to make perfect stories, choose the best frames and engage and enchant your target audience to provide excellence.
At Outgray, we are a group of passionate and creative storytellers, visual narrators, and filmmakers. We provide you with best-in-class ad commercials, ad film production, music videos, music labels, and brand stories that make you an industry leader in your niche.
Outgray is a media production company where we create brand stories through films and pictures and make visuals to convey the brand's message to its customers.

Are You Looking to Overshine Your Competitors?
With Outgray, we will help you outperform your competitors and make your brand omnipresent!
We offer one-stop solutions for your branding, commercial video, and photography needs.
We Are Not Another Ad Agency Trying to Figure Out What Would Work Best for You.
How Do We Do This?
We carefully understand your requirements, conduct thorough market research and provide the most optimal tailored solutions which save you time, effort, and money and provide 10x ROI.

What's In Our Services?

What's In Our Services?

Looking To Generate Leads Via Commercial Videos??

Looking To Generate Leads Via Commercial Videos??

Commercial Videos

At Outgray, we maximize your lead generation and sales by understanding the pain points of your target audience and giving you an excellent commercial video within your budget.
Do You Know What The Attention Span of a Human is ?
The human attention span was around 12 seconds in 2000, which have reduced to about 8 seconds in 2022. At Outgray, we understand this limitation and provide outstanding visuals and videos to get maximum customer engagement.

Corporate films
Product film
Testimonial videos
2D/3D Animation video
Social media videos
Expert videos
Expert videos
Commercial ads(TVC’s)
Product reviews

Professional Photoshoots

As per statistics, 67 percent of consumers of a brand state that the quality of a product image is incredibly crucial in selecting and purchasing the product

Are You the One Who Shoots Portraits From Your Smartphone and Edits It Themselves? Sorry to Disappoint You.
But no matter the quality or price of your smartphone, it will only be able to capture the best shots with proper planning and framework in place.
Some of The Things Our Professionals Do

Project plan
Our professionals plan every phase, including the workflow checklist, considering the brief, deciding the inspiration and mood boards, the time and location of the shoot, and choosing the ambiance for the shoot.
Our professionals understand the brief you gave, set the goals, and try to understand the target audience
Planning Each Shot You Need
Our professionals define the shot lists in advance and discuss them with the clients so that every shot is perfect. To make things perfect on D-day, it’s essential to have clarity on minute details such as angles of camera/lighting set up, costumes of the crew, etc.
Call Sheet
It’s time we choose the best crew for the shoot and provide them with basic information such as contact details, location, schedule, and arrival time.
Contact sheet
Once we’ve finished your photoshoot, we choose and organize the best images and show them to our clients, so they select the most amazing ones.

Services are customized as per your needs. Whether it is location, tools, equipment, lights, backdrop, props, or lenses, we ensure that our services are impeccable with your budget.

It’s Time for You to Take the Passenger’s  Seat as We Present the Finest Work From  Filmmakers And Distinguished Storytellers. 

Outgray- a place where creative birds give wings to your business and convert it into a global Brand!