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1.We Receive Your Request
After receiving your request, a support ticket will be generated, and our consultant will connect with you at the earliest. They will understand your objectives, vision, and plan.
2.Bringing The Best Plan
Within 24 hours, our team will chalk out a rough plan for you at the budget. They will discuss with you and make a customized plan for you as per your needs, desires, and goals. The project will be discussed at length at this stage.
3.We Assign The Right Expert
The team of experts starts with the project and considers every nitty gritty mentioned by you.
4.We Collect Your Feedback
Once the project's first draft is done, the experts will collect and manage your valuable feedback and make any necessary edits to the plan. Your feedback is inculcated into the project to present before your art that is a class apart.

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Thank you to the people who shared their stories in our film. They trusted us and we’re very grateful for their trust.
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